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Everyone loves a good romance story so I’d like to share ours. This is how our lives as well as our businesses were joined together.

It was a beautiful sunny October day when I, Tammy, was out cruising on my Honda shadow and I decided to stop in at Holly’s Showcase to order some new gasket tape for the wood stove in my apartment. I had been putting it off all summer and knew I’d better get to it with cooler weather setting in. I ordered what I needed at Holly’s and also set up a time for Jim Holly to give me a quote on replacing my wood unit with a new gas unit. I was not into cutting/splitting wood any longer.

Little did I know this was a man who had been severely hurt in a previous marriage (We were both divorced) He didn’t even want to date after several years of being single but was praying God would bring him a Christian woman. Dating at that time was the furthest thing from my mind also.

I was enjoying singlehood and having fun on my Honda. It didn’t even cross my mind at all to date this man. I thought he was still married. (I made the bridesmaids dresses for his ex for his first wedding) Isn’t that a hoot? I still didn’t even know him though from Adam if you know what I mean.

Anyway, Jim came twice for quotes on different apartment units. I later found out that his wheels started turning when he noticed my Christian pictures, my Bible in my apartment and the scripture verse on the check I had previously paid with.

Long story short, he called to ask me out. I didn’t want to go. In fact, I told him to hang on the phone when I literally began to argue with God saying I wasn’t going to do it. God told me this opportunity was an open door for me and I was to walk through the open door. I reluctantly said yes. It does not pay to argue with God, ever.

Our first date was the 3rd Saturday of Nov. 2003. Same day as the Michigan, Ohio state game. He is an avid Wolverine fan so he made sure he watched all the game with only a ½ hour to spare before picking me up for dinner. He was so nervous about our date that he locked his keys, money and cell phone in his truck, which was only parked halfway into his garage so he couldn’t even lock his house. He had to run to his store to rob the cash box and luckily he had his keys to his spare vehicle (his 1975 red corvette). He apologized for not being able to pick me up in the truck. (What a bummer when I saw the car eh?) Not telling me why of course until after dinner. I told him we would have been washing dishes for a while had he not had cash available. Dutch treat was not an option for me.

Well, another long story short; we knew within a week of time after spending as much time possible together that God had orchestrated our lives to be married. I met his mom and dad on his mom’s birthday, December 6th and we were married on Valentines’ Day 2004. Blessed Beginnings planned the wedding.

It’s nice to know a good bridal store.

After being married about a year, the Lord then began to ever increasingly put our business minds together on more of a regular basis. I began to help Jim at Holly’s Showcase and consequently, to make it easier on us both, our businesses moved together under one roof.

I share all this for one reason; God is good all the time and the steps of a righteous man (and woman) are ordered by the Lord. Psalm 37:23. I think if I would have met my husband too soon after my divorce I would have thought he was too good to be true. He is certainly that and much more.

We are thankful the Lord put us together as he did. Even as a result of the trials and tribulations in both of our previous marriages. My husband Jim never had children so Jim inherited my two sons, their wives and 6 grandchildren.

We have the blessing of being a help mate to each other daily, at work and at home. We are so blessed to see God’s wonderful orchestrated design in our lives. The coolest thing is God has a design for everyone’s life because He has created each of us. Get to know Jesus, the designer, in a personal way and you’ll know what your designed purpose in life is.

Blessings to all and we hope Holly’s Showcase and Blessed Beginnings Bridal will be able to serve you in any capacity we can.

Tammy & Jim Holly


Blessed Beginnings

Blessed Beginnings

Serving SE Michigan Since 1981

  • We do alterations of any kind, women and men, IN house!
  • All shoes are dyed IN house. A small charge if purchased elsewhere.
  • And just for fun!
  • If your zipper has split we’ll fix it or ask you to lose weight or maybe both.
  • If it’s ripped we’ll seam it and ask you again to lose weight or both.
  • Or maybe you have lost a ton of weight and you still like those outfits. We can downsize anything several sizes.
  • If it’s too long we’ll hem it.
  • If it’s too short, oh well go shorter?
  • If it’s too tight we’ll pray first then add the side gussets to that favorite on sale wedding gown or bridesmaid dress.
  • Would you like to wear mom/grandma's dress? We specialize in heirloom re-creations.
  • We will also clean your wedding gown to be like new after your event, and for much less than the cleaners.
  • Blessed Beginnings also wants the men in your life and wedding party to look great, so we can outfit them with suits or tuxedos from Jims Formalwear. All items are included in our KISS pricing. (Keep it Simple Sweetheart)